our classic cars

Fully complying with the French regulations, are vehicles are licensed to carry passengers, and undergo a technical check (British MOT, German TÜV) every year.

The Tropical Blue

Citroën 2CV6 Special from 1985


Her 602 cm3 engine generates a 30cv horsepower, and she was one of the last 2CVs manufactured in France. She kept its factory bodywork and original paint, which was only produced by Citroën in 1984 and 1985. Fully restored since, she was Thierry's first 2CV, the one who gave him the virus of classic cars !

The Vallelunga Red

Citroën 2CV6 Special from 1982


Powered by the same engine as her blue neighbour, she spent a previous life under a light blue colour, before being repainted with the famous Vallelunga Red, widespread in the 80's. Bought by Thierry from a police officer, she was fitted since with a strengthened chassis, with a view to tackle a long road trip one day. But this is another story...

Louise, our Citroën Traction Avant

(Light Fifteen) 11 BL from 1947


She was the last to arrive in our garage. Louise was made in Paris in autumn 1947. Her previous owner in Lyon had kept her for 40 years, and carefully revovated her. He had taken her to many car shows before handing her over to Thierry. A trip back in time...

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